Roseda Black Angus Farm

Soaring Eagle of the Ozarks
3rd Annual Invitational Sale

Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Roseda Black Angus Beef

Roseda Black Angus Farm

The Farm

Provide cattle breeders with Angus genetics that emphasize superior carcass qualities without compromising the other economically important traits.

The Beef

Offer a branded beef product, second to none, to the East Coast marketplace

Roseda Black Angus Beef
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Roseda's Business Plan:

Our plan allows us to interact with customers along the entire cattle/beef production process from Angus breeders, to commercial cattlemen, to feedlot owners, to packers, to retail stores, to freezer beef customers. We believe this approach is unique. Why? It influences and sensitizes us to select Angus genetics for our program that will create both the greatest economic value for producers and the best Angus beef product for consumers.