The Wye Line Breeding Program at Roseda

The Wye line breeding program at Roseda boils down to one Angus bull, Mulben Envoist. Mulben Envoist, registration number 1696428, was born February 2, 1950 and was imported to the Wye Plantation in Queenstown Maryland by Arthur Houghton and manager, Jim Lingle. Interestingly enough, he does have EPDs, with a birth weight EPD of -3.2, a yearling EPD of -13 and a milk EPD of +9. In the 1950's era, he would be classified as an average birth weight, high growth, high maternal Angus bull. As near as I can tell, there was never any semen collected and all of his lasting influence came through his daughters. If you can appreciate the influence of Mulben Envoist in the Wye herd, then you will understand the Wye line breeding program at Roseda.

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