Roseda Black Angus Farm

Open House Sale
Saturday, June 14, 2008
10 AM – 2 PM
Complimentary lunch at noon

20 Spring Calving Cows (calves at side)
15 Fall Calving Females
9 Spring Bred Heifers

Sires Service Sires
Summitcrest Roseda Designed Rito 469 of Rita 9514 1I2
Rito 469 of Rita 9514 1I2 Summitcrest Roseda Designed
Prairiedge Marbull Design931 DS C A Future Direction 2921
B/R New Design 323-9150 S S Objective T510 0T26
RP 3rd Bushwacker Dr J Analyst M250
G T Expo TC Total 410
B/R New Design 036 Rito 2V1 of 2536 1407
Summitcrest High Prime 0H29 Gardens Highmark
PARB Diamond Design 258 Rito 1I2 of 2536 Rito 6I6

Please join us. This will be the first opportunity to purchase females from our updated private treaty sale listing.

For sale listing contact:

Dean Bryant, Manager
Roseda Farm
15317 Carroll Road
Monkton, MD 21111
Phone: 4104722697
Email: roseda@roseda.com
Web site: www.roseda.com

Sale Procedure:

  1. Cattle will have base price of $1200 $4000.
  2. Silent auction will begin at 10:00 AM.
  3. Bidding will be in $100 increments. A recorded bid is a commitment to purchase until out bid.
  4. At 1:00 PM, the silent auction will begin closing one lot at a time beginning with the lots recording the most bids.
  5. At closing, verbal bidding will be opened up to recorded bidders on that lot continuing from the last silent auction bid.
  6. Silent Auction bidding may continue on other lots until they are presented for closing.
  7. Cattle receiving no bids during the silent auction will be available after the sale at the base price on a first come basis.
  8. Volume discounts will apply:

Roseda Spring 2008 Update

May 30, 2008

We Survived

The winter of 2007/2008 that is. The cows are a little thinner than usual thanks to a steady diet of corn stalks and knee deep mud during most of the winter. That’s right… MUD! We didn’t get any rain to speak of all summer and fall until the first killing frost, about the time we opened our first tube of corn silage, then it rained all winter.

The mud dried up just enough to get the first cutting of hay up. It was a long Memorial Day weekend for the Roseda crew and I’m not talking about time off. It was sprinkling rain as we put up the last few bales Monday night. Did I mention that we were pulling CIDRs, heat checking and breeding as well? That was my job. I did make it down to the Atlantic National Angus Show in Timonium, MD to see a little bit of the show. It was good to see some of you there as well. Scott and Ron didn’t make it.

But now things are good. The grass is growing, we have hay in the barn and the cows have lost that sad cornstalk look in their eye and have calved and started cycling right on schedule.

Spring 2008 Open House Sale

Our Open House Sale is Saturday, June 14 starting at 10:00 AM. A complementary lunch will be served at noon featuring Roseda Steak burgers. This is the kick off for our new private treaty sale list. We’ve added new females to the list and adjusted some prices. This will be the first opportunity to buy out of this group. A silent auction format is used to allow everyone equal opportunity to purchase off the new cow list.

The cows will be up and penned for easy viewing. Sorry, but they won’t be washed or clipped. We should have the sale cows sorted out by June 2 if you want to come by for an early preview. As in the past, for the Open House event only, we will apply all 2007 and 2008 purchases for the discount calculation.

We have included a list of the sale cows in this newsletter with some of the basic information. If you go to our web site, www.roseda.com, we have the same list with hot links that will allow you to see the full pedigree with all of the EPDs. If you need more information, just give us a call and we will be happy to share any information we have.

Not interested in purchasing cows? Come any way. We’d love to have you visit, look at some cows, and enjoy lunch in the company of fellow cattle producers. We have a lot to talk about…

Pick from the herd

We introduced this “pick from the herd” or “split the herd” concept last fall. It is designed for those interested in our more elite females to add to a herd or use to develop a new herd.

This is a “we pick – you pick” concept. Roseda picks the first cow, you pick the second cow and then we alternate picks through the herd. You can pick as many or as few as you wish. The price is determined as follows:

Picks 1-10: $10,000 each
Picks 11-20: $9,000 each
Picks 21-30: $8,000 each
Picks 31-40: $7,000 each
Picks 41-50: $6,000 each
Picks 51-60: $5,000 each
Picks 61-70: $4,000 each
Picks 71-80: $3,000 each


  1. Picks are from within the following groups:
    a. Breeding females – nursing or carrying a natural calf or in the ET donor program. Includes yearling heifers ready to breed.
    b. Weaned heifer calves
    Recipients – pregnant with or nursing ET heifer calves. Sex is not guaranteed on pregnant recipients. If a live heifer calf is not produced, you are not obligated to the pick and payment will be refunded.
  2. The selection process and pricing structure is independent for each group.
  3. You have the option on your pick to select half interest with no possession in Roseda’s previous pick.
  4. You may pass on any selection in which case Roseda will make two selections.
  5. The straight Wye bred females are included in this offering.
  6. Partnership females are not included.
  7. Females on the private treaty listing are not included but are obviously for sale at the listed prices.

Within the next few years, the majority of these females will end up on our private treaty list or in a consignment sale with a more reasonable price tag. This is a chance to jump start your program.

Consider one of my favorites from our high carcass line, Roseda Flora Direction T009, reg. no. 15791221.

Roseda Flora Direction T009

Birth Wn Yr Milk
EPD 1.2 34 64 28
Percentile 25%
Marb $W $G $B
EPD .65 26.66 37.47 46.69
Percentile 2% 30% 1% 10%

She is sired by the high marbling (.83 EPD) sire, DS C A Future Direction 2921 and is stacked 5 generations deep with proven carcass sires. She is bred to GT Expo. She was our high scanning spring yearling heifer with an adjusted IMF of 7.96% and a ratio of 141. Her IMF EPD is .68, which places her in the top 2% of nonparent cows.

This, combined with her .65 marbling EPD should make her one of the elite high marbling females of the Angus breed after the new combined analysis in July. Contact us for a list of other available females.

Carcass/Ultrasound Combined

Carcass and ultrasound data will be combined in the Fall 2008 EPD update. We applaud the American Angus Association and Sally Northcutt and Bill Bowman specifically, for their sound scientific methodology for the combined analysis.

The actual carcass data will be the primary traits for the analysis with the ultrasound data used as correlated traits. The end result is one set of EPDs for marbling, rib eye area and fat thickness based on the weighted contributions of both the carcass and ultrasound data.

Actual carcass data will be the driving force in the analysis. If an animal has actual progeny carcass data, that will be the main source of the EPD calculations. The ultrasound data will tend to adjust the EPD up or down. As more actual carcass data is collected, the ultrasound data will have a diminishing effect on the EPD calculation.

If only ultrasound data is available, then carcass EPDs will still be calculated based solely on the ultrasound data. The accuracies in this case will be much lower indicating the potential for more change as actual carcass data is added.

At Roseda Farm, we have collected both actual and ultrasound carcass data. Our primary emphasis has been actual carcass data and the associated EPDs. The ultrasound data and EPDs had minimal influence on our selection criteria and we have struggled with the role of ultrasound in our operation. With the combined analysis, the ultrasound data will be weighted appropriately based on the volume of actual carcass data available. Problem solved.

Bulls for Sale or Lease

We have a few bulls left for the spring breeding season. While the bulls are not part of the Open House Silent Auction, we will have the information available and the bulls will be offered on a first come basis. Give us a call and we will be happy to mail you a current bull list.

Roseda Beef Web Site Update

Roseda Beef is redesigning their web site to make it easier to purchase beef on line. It should be up and running soon. Visit our website and look for the changes. You can contact the Beef Sales Department at 410-329-3068 or give Marcia a call in the farm office and she can help you with a beef order as well.

Roseda Farm Staff:
Edward Burchell – Owner
Dean Bryant – Manager
Scott Wright – Herdsman
Ron Harrison – Farm Operations
Marcia Bryant – Office
Cody Coverdale – Student Intern
Contact information:
Roseda Farm
15317 Carroll Road
Monkton, MD 21111
Phone: 4104722697
Fax: 4104720554
Email: roseda@roseda.com
Web Site: www.roseda.com



Directions to Roseda Farm

From Baltimore:
I-83 North to Exit 24 (Belfast)
East (right)on Belfast Rd to York Rd
Right on York Rd to Sparks Rd
Left on Sparks Rd to Carroll Rd
Left on Carroll Rd.
Third Drive on Right (15317)
From York, PA:
I-83 South to Exit 24 (Belfast)
East (left) on Belfast Rd to York Rd
Right on York Rd to Sparks Rd
Left on Sparks Rd to Carroll Rd
Left on Carroll Rd
Third Drive on Right (15317)

note: second drive and third drive are next to each other
From Philadelphia:
I-95 South to MD 152
Right on 152 North to Hess Road (10-15 miles)
Left on Hess Road to Old York Road (Hess Road “T’s” into Old York Road)
Right on Old York Road to Manor Road Old York Road will angle right but you need to go straight onto Manor Road Take Manor Road to Carroll Road Left on Carroll Road to 15317 Carroll Road (Left side of road) First drive before mail boxes

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